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Georgia Simple Wills: $150

My goal is to provide Georgians with an attorney-drafted simple will at low cost.  The price of a Simple Will is $150.00 -- all Georgia counties. There are many reasons to have a Georgia Will.

A simple will for married individuals provides that at death all property goes from one spouse to the other, and upon the death of the surviving spouse, all property goes to the children, share and share alike.  If there are minor children, a guardian is named for them.  A single person's will has similar provisions.

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Each person must have their own will, so a husband and wife would require two wills.  Each simple will includes execution of the will at my office, with 3 witnesses.  My office provides the witnesses.  The use of 3 witnesses makes the process of submitting the will to the probate court easier, when that time comes.

To begin, contact me at (770) 928-1896 and schedule an appointment.  At the first meeting, we'll discuss your situation and goals, and obtain from you the information needed to draft your will.  At this first appointment, payment is required for the services.

After your Georgia simple will is drafted, a copy will be provided to you for your approval.  After you approve the draft, a time for execution at my office will be set.

I've talked with many folks who have wanted a will, but for many different reasons, never got one.  This is a way to have a will that accomplishes the  important functions of a will, with minimal expense.

Protect yourself, your spouse, and your children:  Get a simple will today!


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