After a Family Member Passes Away

Probate Occurs After a Family Member Passes Away.

When a relative has passed away, probate or estate administration describes the process used to collect his assets, handle payment of his debts and transfer of his property to his heirs.  If the person passes without a Will, this process is governed by the laws of intestacy, and his estate will be handled by someone who steps forward to request authority from the probate court to do this.  If the person has a Will, the individual named in the Will as executor steps forward to request authority to do so. 

Which types of Probate does Miss Stamper handle?

Katy Stamper is a Georgia-based attorney who assists with both types of estate administration, those passing with or without a Will. 

What is the charge for Probate?

The fee for these types of cases begins at $750 plus court filing fees, for a decedent who lived in Cherokee County, Georgia in which a Will is in place, with only one heir who is also the executor.  Typically, these are the simplest estates to administer. For estates with more than one heir, and heirs in different states, fees are higher, and the retainer varies.